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They are using a wireless sensor network with Sensicast devices for the air temperature, relativity humidity and soil temperature measurements. They have also developed a Web-based plant monitoring application. A greenhouse grower can read the measurements over the Internet, and an alarm will be sent to his mobile phone by SMS or GPRS if some measurement variable changes rapidly. Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries The Rinnovando group has installed a test bed in a 20 �� 50 m tomato greenhouse, where six nodes are deployed into two rows 12.5 m apart from each other. One mesh node works as a repeater and improves the throughput of the communication. A bridge node gathers data from other sensor nodes, which transmit the measurements of temperature and relative humidity in one minute intervals [16].Yoo et al.

have described their results on a real deployment of a IEEE 802.15.4 compliant WSN to monitor and control the environment in greenhouses where melon and Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries cabbage were grown [17,18]. Lea-Cox et al. have developed a greenhouse WSN that integrates a variety of sensors which can measure substrate water, temperature, electrical conductivity, daily photosynthetic radiation and leaf wetness in real-time. Benefits came from an improved plant growth, more efficient water and fertilizer applications, together with a reduction in disease problems related to over-watering [18,19].Liu et al. have developed and tested a WSN prototype for environmental monitoring inside a greenhouse using a star topology network of Crossbow MICAz motes. The motes measure temperature, humidity and soil moisture, and send their measurements to the sink node in five minutes intervals.

The sink Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries node is a combination of a MICAz mote and a MIB510 board with a data terminal. A terminal with an ARM processor module shows the lastest measurements on a LCD-screen inside the greenhouse and delivers the data to the main PC by using a GSM module. The central PC located remotely from the network takes care of data logging and Inhibitors,Modulators,Libraries processing. Mote programming and data receiving is Carfilzomib possible through the RS-232 serial interface provided by the MIB510 board. The Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) values over the distance between nodes with different antenna heights and polarization angles were compared to each other. Based on the results it was possible to conclude that the longest communication range was achieved when nodes had the same orientation and maximal antenna height. The temperature difference in experimental measurements between two nodes, where one node was placed in the center of the greenhouse and another near the greenhouse wall indicated the existence of the microclimate selleck catalog layers [20].Zhou et al.

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