“Journal of Zoology is pleased to introduce the first Thom

“Journal of Zoology is pleased to introduce the first Thomas Henry Huxley Review, which aims to celebrate Huxley’s outstanding contributions to zoological research and, in particular, his research on comparative anatomy, physiology and evolutionary biology. Indeed, between 1861 and 1880, Huxley published many of these papers in the Proceedings and Transactions of the Zoological Society London, which merged in 1965 to form the Journal of Zoology. As well as conducting his own research, Huxley was dedicated to improving the understanding and acceptance of the theory of evolution by the scientific community and the wider public. Renowned for his

exploration of the philosophical issues in science, Huxley both advanced the status of scientific research and founded a generation of researchers whose discoveries remain relevant and inspiring HKI-272 nmr today. In accordance with Huxley’s many achievements in the field of zoology, the Thomas Henry Huxley Review will examine our current understanding of a selected zoological theme, and suggest

and inspire research that will improve our knowledge in the future. The journal annually invites a distinguished researcher who has made a major contribution to zoological science to write the review. The first paper in this series, ‘How stupid not to have thought of that: AZD6244 post-copulatory sexual selection’, is written by Tim Birkhead and provides a historical and contemporary account of an area of biology Darwin largely ignored, post-copulatory sexual selection. Professor of Behaviour and Evolution at the University of 上海皓元医药股份有限公司 Sheffield, Tim is dedicated to expanding the minds of undergraduates through his lectures on animal behaviour and the history and philosophy of science. Tim currently serves on the management committee of the Darwin Correspondence Project and has been President of the International Society for Behavioural Ecology. In addition to his passion for research, Tim is committed to advancing the public understanding of science, particularly

through his articles. He has written for New Scientist, BBC Wildlife, Natural History magazine and The Independent and has a regular column in the Times Higher Education. Tim’s outstanding career was further acknowledged when he was elected to a Fellowship of the Royal Society. Given Tim’s extensive research on promiscuity and sperm competition in birds and his flair for writing, he provides an eloquent account of our current understanding of post-copulatory sexual selection as well as an overview of how we have eventually arrived at this current explanation for some of the more unusual phenomena in the biological world. We hope you enjoy reading the first Thomas Henry Huxley Review.

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