We also observed the larval parasitoid emerging from the host We

We also observed the larval parasitoid emerging from the host. We found that parasitism mainly occurred in termite mounds overgrown with grass and mounds that had been broken up previously for other experiments. The parasitized soldiers showed a significantly lower level of interspecific aggressiveness compared with healthy soldiers (P < 0.05). Parasitized soldiers also changed in habitat preference to one

isolated chamber of the nest. This might be an adaptive strategy that facilitates parasitoid dispersal, provides protection to parasitoids, and reduces the risk of parasitism to host colony. An abnormally rounded head capsule and remarkably short mandibles are characteristics of a parasitized soldier. The older Napabucasin price larval fly stages were found only in major soldiers. We suggest that parasitization may first start in fourth or even earlier larval termite instars. The fly larva develops

in the termite soldier’s head capsule and pupates inside the host’s body.”
“Human brain volumes change throughout life, are highly heritable, and have been associated with general cognitive functioning. Cross-sectionally, this association between volume and cognition can largely be attributed to the same genes influencing both traits. We address the question whether longitudinal changes in brain volume or in surface area in young adults are under genetic control and whether these changes are also related to general cognitive functioning. check details We measured change in brain volume and surface area over a 5-year interval in 176 monozygotic and dizygotic twins and their non-twin siblings aged 19 to 56, using magnetic resonance imaging. Results show that changes in volumes of total brain (mean = -6.4 ml; 0.5% loss), cerebellum (1.4 ml, 1.0% increase), cerebral white matter (4.4 ml, 0.9% increase), lateral ventricles (0.6 ml; 4.8%

increase) and in surface area (-19.7 cm(2),1.1% contraction) are heritable (h(2) = 43%; 52%; 29%; 31%; and 33%, respectively). An association between IQ (available for 91 participants) and brain volume change was CX-6258 inhibitor observed, which was attributed to genes involved in both the variation in change in brain volume and in intelligence. Thus, dynamic changes in brain structure are heritable and may have cognitive significance in adulthood. (C) 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.”
“To assess the utility of trauma series radiographs in the management of alert pediatric patients with traumatic injury and to ascertain whether it is necessary to acquire the entire trauma series in these children. A total of 176 consecutive children below the age of 15 years and having Glasgow Coma Scale score greater than 12, who presented to the emergency department of a tertiary care hospital with a history of recent trauma, were retrospectively reviewed. All the children had undergone a thorough clinical examination followed by complete trauma series radiographs, according to the American College of Surgery guidelines.

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