The study was questionnaire-based using a prospective cohort over

The study was questionnaire-based using a prospective cohort over a 4 weeks period. The Surgeon measurements of acetabular cup, femoral stem and femoral offset sizes were noted following acetate measurements and then compared with the final implant chosen during surgery.

Prediction of sizing to within one size of the final match size was 75 % accurate for cup and 91 % accurate for femoral stem. Prediction of exact femoral offset sizes was 91 % accurate. Templating selleck inhibitor showed strong IOR between senior consultant surgeon and junior trainee registrar within one size for cup (83 %) and stem (100 %) and for exact hip offset prediction (92


We conclude that acetate templating on hard copy X-rays is beneficial to surgeons to gauge acetabular cup and femoral stem size to within one size range. This further helps in predicting nearly exact femoral offset size.”
“Study Design. Retrospective clinical and radiologic evaluation.

Objective. To investigate

the feasibility Rabusertib cost of a 1-stage combined posterior and anterior approaches for excising thoracolumbar and lumbar tumors with the patient lying in the lateral position.

Summary of Background Data. Traditional anteroposterior approaches for total spondylectomy require a 2-stage operation or changing the patient’s position, with secondary sterilization in the one stage.

So the surgical time, cost and Selleck Fedratinib trauma, as well as blood loss, would be increased. One-stage en bloc spondylectomy with the patient lying in the lateral position may be a good way for improving it.

Methods. This study retrospectively reviewed 18 patients with thoracolumbar and lumbar spinal tumors who underwent spondylectomy. All patients were observed up, and their status was evaluated by clinical and imaging studies.

Results. Total en bloc spondylectomy was performed successfully in 15 patients, and 3 patients underwent bulk vertebrectomy. All patients were observed up for 18 months to 3 years (mean, 2 years). Posterior pedicle screw fixation and anterior intervertebral titanium mesh placement were stable in all patients, with satisfactory positions. Two patients with preoperative neurologic deficits recovered less than 3 weeks after surgery. One patient with thyroid metastasis underwent artificial joint replacement 5 months after surgery. Two patients with metastatic tumor died 6 months and 8 months, respectively, after surgery. Ten months after surgery, local tumor recurred in one patient with chondrosarcoma. One patient with Ewing’s sarcoma died due to distal metastasis 1 year after surgery.


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