Their purpose and functioning are addressed in the 2002 ACIP Poli

Their purpose and functioning are addressed in the 2002 ACIP Policies and Procedures Document.

ACIP Lapatinib research buy WGs conduct extensive background preparation for development of recommendations. They conduct in-depth reviews of vaccine-related data and develop options for policy recommendations. WG members collect and review data on disease epidemiology; vaccine efficacy, effectiveness, safety; feasibility of program implementation; and economic aspects of immunization policy to include in written policy statements. Following rigorous review of available data, the WG formulates suggested policy options for presentation to the full ACIP. The WG maintains a written record of each meeting for internal use by WG members. Four ACIP WGs are permanent:

(1) Adult Immunization Schedule; (2) Influenza Vaccines; General Recommendations on Immunization; and (4) Harmonized Schedule for Children and Adolescents, which works to ensure that vaccine schedules for children and adolescents are harmonized among ACIP, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians, all of whom participate together in this WG. Separate task-oriented WGs are established selleck chemical as required to address a specific vaccine or topic. The current roster, as of January 2010, includes WGs on evidence-based recommendations, human papillomavirus vaccines, meningococcal vaccines, pneumococcal vaccines, yellow fever vaccine, hepatitis vaccines, rabies vaccine, pertussis-containing vaccines, respiratory syncitial virus immunoprophylaxis and measles vaccines. Each WG operates under specific terms of reference (TOR) determined upon formation of the WG and re-evaluated periodically, when major tasks are completed, when the chair or lead CDC through staff change, if new issues arise and when events result in shifts in public health priorities. WGs

customarily meet via monthly teleconferences; in-person meetings may be scheduled in association with ACIP meetings. Each WG includes at least two voting ACIP members (one of whom functions as WG Chair) and a CDC subject matter expert. Other WG members may include ACIP ex officio members and liaison representatives, members of academia, other CDC staff and invited consultants as required. Vaccine manufacturers may be invited to present results of clinical trials and other relevant data at meetings of ACIP WGs, but are not permitted to serve as full-time WG members or to participate in WG deliberations. Insurance companies are represented on ACIP through participation as a liaison organization of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). The AHIP representative may serve on ACIP WGs, and attends all ACIP meetings. AHIP does not provide any funding or other resources (except for expenses for travel to ACIP meetings of their representative).

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