PubMedCrossRef 14 Andrews JM, Boswell FJ, Wise R: Evaluation of

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2012, date last accessed) Competing interests This work Thiamet G was supported by the University of Zurich. There are no competing interests to declare. Authors’ contributions MH conceived of the study, performed the statistical analysis, and drafted the manuscript. RZ participated in data documentation and analysis. ECB, and participated in the study design and coordination and helped to draft the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.”
“Background Proteins posttranslationally modified by covalent lipid attachment are present in eukaryal and bacterial organisms. In bacteria, 1–3% of the genome encode for lipoproteins. Bacterial lipoproteins are anchored in the membrane surface where they fulfill various cellular functions, ranging from cell wall integrity, secretion, nutrient uptake, environmental signaling to virulence [1–3].

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