FAK were for triglycerides

Measures both before and after the e program, topics, physical characteristics such as size,weight, body fat K And waist / hip circumference were measured. The FAK BMI was calculated as kg/m2. Blood samples were collected twice from the antecubital vein after 12 hours I take Just before overnight and after the program. The 5 ml sample of whole blood was centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 10 minutes. The serum was separated and  at 36 For sp Detailed analysis. The samples were for triglycerides, total cholesterol and lipoprotein cholesterol, high-density analyzes colorimetric enzymatic methods. Low density lipoprotein cholesterol was calculated Friedewald et al., S formula. Blood glucose was measured before and two hours after each meal. Food records being were analyzed to determine the energy value and the weight of food consumed every week term CAN Pro 3.0 best.
A nine-point Likert scale was used for the S erm ttigungsgefhl resembled U, 1: Very hungry, 9: extremely full. Statistical analysis Data were analyzed using BIX 02189 SPSS 14.0 for Windows. All values are expressed as mean values and standard deviations. Test results before and after for each group were performed with the paired t-test, and the differences between groups were analyzed by the independent-Dependent t-test. The results were tested for statistical significance. Both groups showed a decrease in weight, body mass index, fat and waist circumference after four weeks. Body fat weight and K 1.9 kg and 1.6 kg and 1.5% and 1.4% for LDE and HDE is. There were no Change in the waist-to-hip ratio Ratio in both groups. There was no difference between the groups of these morphological variables after the program.
The energy content of food for both groups was slightly less than 500 calories, w While the weight of flour LDE was twice as HDE. There was no difference in the total t Adjusted energy consumption between groups recorded. The composition of the N hrstoffe W Was consumed during the program in the two groups. Table 4 shows the businesswoman PROTECTED average consumption of fiber and vitamins and minerals Selected Hlt is. Table 5 shows the level of fasting lipids before and after the program. There was no difference in the measured parameters au He HDL-C, which decreased in both groups after the program. There were no Change before the blood sugar levels after meals and were for both groups, and the values within the normal range.
Hunger before dinner was relatively h Ago HDE for the LDE, and it was clear, au His second after week Discussion In this randomized study, limiting the t Adjusted energy intake and resulted in a regular Strength training program to Undo Nts in the F Chem, K Body weight and fat mass and decreases were clear for both groups. But our perception of wealth was h Ago HDE LDE shows before dinner, so that the HDE group subjects were suffering from hunger rather have. Previous studies have suggested that the decline in the di Tetischen energy intake is associated with weight loss, and this is st Amplifier with a di With a low energy density t f Llig.

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